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Our Partners


ELX is a free community for all its members, thanks to its six exceptional partners.

Their support and loyalty plays a pivotal role in bringing ELX's community vision and mission to life, enabling us to foster collaboration, share knowledge, and create a vibrant space for the best minds of the corporate event industry.



What truly sets ELX's partners apart, is their shared dedication and commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation with us, fostering excellence, and championing the corporate event industry with their thought leadership - aligning perfectly with our community values.  



Our six community partners as well as our hotel and venue partners for ELX each in-person event make the journey of the ELX community not only possible, but also incredibly enriching in our content and events, for all members to enjoy.

 To ensure the integrity of the community, ELX only accepts a limited number of community partners per year who share our committment to advancing the industry.

This is to ensure that the community remains close-knit and that the level of thought leadership they bring is maintained. 

Meet our partners:


  • "Thanks to the generosity of our partners, we are able to build a community that is shaping the future of corporate events."
    Nicola Kastner
    Chief Executive Officer, ELX