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Think Tanks, In-Person Events & Initiatives


ELX membership grants you access to a unique, curated, and exclusive content collection.


This content is unlike any other, as it has been curated and led by our members.

A magical blend of best practices, experiences, innovations, discussions, and perspectives from the brightest minds in the industry.  


It doesn’t get better than this.  


ELX Resource Library

Sample of Exclusive content available to ELX members:  


  • Think Tanks and Virtual workshops
  • In-person events
  • SMMP Guidelines
  • Budget Reduction
  • DEI&B
  • Industry standards
  • Industry Travel
  • Proprietary content
  • Industry reports


Your Community, Your Challenges, Your Content.   


"ELX is a community built exclusively for the senior corporate event leaders. It offers members an opportunity to address challenges and opportunities, exchange ideas, and to drive industry-wide initiatives with their peers. 

Join us to be part of a community that’s shaping the future of corporate events.”

Nicola Kastner, CEO, ELX

ELX believes in the power of collective intelligence and individual empowerment. You decide which challenges you want the collective knowledge to focus on next.

Imagine the best minds in the industry are focused on overcoming your challenges.

  1. Your challenges are ELX's focus  

    ELX puts you in control. Whether it is overcoming industry-specific hurdles, navigating market shifts, or sharpening your skills; your challenges and topic interests set the ELX focus and agenda.  

  2. Direct the Collective Knowledge towards addressing your specific challenging points and topics interests. Not the other way around.  

  3. Customize your learning and networking experience – You do you

    Tailor your learning experiences. ELX is not a one-fits-all community, Dive into the topics that matter most to you. Choose learning paths, discussions, and resources that align with you and your professional goals.  

  4. Lead Discussions and Projects 

    Take the lead in discussions and collaborative projects. If there is a specific topic you are passionate about or a project you would like to initiate, the community stands ready to support you.  

  5. Shape the future of corporate events 

    Your active involvement shapes and influences the future of the community’s roadmap and the Corporate event industry.  

  6. Connect with like-minded leaders

    Engage with like-minded Senior Leaders who share your challenges and aspirations for the corporate event industry. ELX is not just a community, but a robust network of peers eager to collaborate, share experiences, and elevate the industry.  


  7. Feedback-driven Community growth 

    Provide feedback and insights to continually refine the ELX community. 
    Your inputs matters. 
    It guides the community’s growth. 
    ELX is a responsive community and platform that evolves based on the needs and aspirations of its members. 

Remember, ELX is a community unlike any other. ELX members are not passive observers, they are leaders steering the course.  

Your challenges are the community’s challenges.  
The collective knowledge of ELX is focused on overcoming them.  

Welcome to the community where your leadership shapes the narrative. 


Upcoming Meetings & Events

ELX Forum, Las Vegas 2024

ELX Forum, Las Vegas 2024


October 7-8, 2024

Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas


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European Summit 2024

European Summit 2024


December 4-6, 2024

The Marriott, Berlin


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