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ELX Forum 2023: IMEX America Edition

Las Vegas


Thank you to all the ELX members who joined us in Las Vegas for the ELX Forum 2023. 

For the first time, the ELX Forum had an agenda Chair, Megan Henshall, strategic solutions lead for event solutions at Google. Megan’s excellent reputation driving awareness of others and championing change makes her the perfect candidate for this role. 

As with all ELX events, conversations take place under the Chatham House Rule which creates a safe space for open and honest discussions which members maintain is the key value derived from their participation.

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ELX Forum Las Vegas October 16-17 2023

IMEX Vegas

A huge thank you to our ELX Partners

What our members had to say...

  • "ELX is creating a culture that is bonding and organic, facilitating discussions that implement change"
  • "Thank you. The interaction and just being in the same room with people is ‘GOOD FOR THE SOUL!’"
  • "Influential management styles – hearing about others processes encourages us to push the boundaries"
  • "A safe space - a problem shared is a problem halfed!"
  • "Leaving feeling a part of a community, there is so much value and emotion in collaboration"
  • "I valued the freedom of topics to discuss, and a flexible/adaptable agenda. It is reassuring how similar and like-minded members are."