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10 Nov 2023

Unlocking the Future of Travel: ELX's Exclusive Think Tank Delivers Valuable Insights

Unlocking the Future of Travel: ELX's Exclusive Think Tank Delivers Valuable Insights
Geoff Freeman presenting at the ELX Annual Congress 2023
ELX had the honor of hosting Geoff Freeman, President and CEO of the U.S. Travel Association for our most recent Think Tank ‘Travel Industry Core Issues Impacting Meetings & Events’. This captivating discussion dove into the state of the travel industry in the US, and what event leaders can do to drive positive change. 

In this Think Tank, Mr Freeman provided a comprehensive overview of the travel industry, emphasizing its remarkable resilience and recovery. A standout feature of the event was the Association's unwavering commitment to driving an increase in group travel, a development that holds tremendous promise for the industry and our community members. Freeman's insights delved deeper into the broader challenges faced by the industry, providing valuable context for our community members to understand the ever-evolving landscape. 

Members of ELX were then encouraged to share their experiences and any anecdotes of situations regarding travel in the US, that could then be shared with the USTA to help drive real change in group and event travel. This marks the start of another new initiative for ELX. Members are welcome to submit their anecdotes to the ELX team here. 

We are delighted to announce that the full video recording of this Think Tank is now available for our members in our video library on the community platform. This exclusive content offers a unique opportunity to gain in-depth insights into the travel industry's current landscape and the strategies that will drive its recovery. Members can find the recording on our community platform, here. 

The video recording of the Think Tank, available in our video library on the community platform, offers members a front-row seat to these discussions and equips them with the knowledge to navigate the challenges and opportunities presented by the travel industry's resurgence. 

ELX is working hard to produce more content on our initiatives amongst members, and our work with the USTA is just the beginning. 

Interested in being a part of the conversation? Accessing our exclusive resources? Find out how to become a member on our website here: or contact