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ELX Produces Strategic Meetings Management Summary Document for 2023

ELX Produces Strategic Meetings Management Summary Document for 2023
Over the past three months, ELX have hosted two Think Tanks alongside Strategic Meetings Management expert and member, Carrie Cliggett. ELX would like to thank all members in attendance of these meetings, for their active participation and involvement in these discussions. 

Following this, collected insights from the group were recorded, and ELX have created an exclusive summary document of the discussions that were had directly to the community. This document forms a part of the ELX Resource Library, accessible only through the ELX Community Platform to its members. 
Please note names from the discussion have been removed, keeping in line with Chatham House Rules. 

Takeaways from this summary include:  

  • How event leaders can get organizational buy-in for SMMP. 
  • How budgets should be used to support SMM transformation. 
  • What the best practice approach is for those at the beginning of their SMMP journey. 
  • What event teams should be tracking. 
  • Which stakeholders need to be involved. 


Members can view all ELX resources, including the new SMM summary, here: 

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