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28 Nov 2023

Budget Mastery: SAP's Melissa Vilders Guides ELX Members with Strategic Insights

Budget Mastery: SAP's Melissa Vilders Guides ELX Members with Strategic Insights
In a strategic move aimed at empowering its members in the face of budgetary hurdles, the Event Leaders Exchange (ELX), under the guidance of SAP's Melissa Vilders, shares indispensable insights derived from its recent Think Tank, hosted by Chloe Richardson.

This comprehensive resource, exclusively tailored for ELX members, not only encapsulates key takeaways but also signifies ELX's commitment to supporting its members with practical tools and expert insights for effective budget management.  

The recent meeting revealed crucial insights into the dynamic world of event planning, where 77% of professionals grapple with rising costs. The discussions highlighted practical strategies, and offered a glimpse into cost-effective alternatives that maintain quality, with emphasis on collaboration with vendors to explore innovative solutions. A call to challenge industry norms, ELX opens a gateway for professionals to access a community that fosters creativity, smart budgeting, and sustainable event practices.  

ELX's commitment extends beyond the Think Tank, with plans to continue developing resources that empower members in overcoming budget challenges. Members involved in the meeting also offered their support to ELX for the creation of a ‘Master Budget Template’ and ‘Team Playbook’ for the community. The active involvement and collaboration of ELX members in shaping these resources further solidifies the values and driven nature of the community, and members can anticipate a wealth of resources designed to elevate their event planning strategies, setting a precedent for community-driven support within the industry. 

Members can now access the write-up from this meeting on our community platform: 


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