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24 Oct 2023

Augeo Releases Final Episodes of Experiential Video Series: 'Embracing the Evolution of Experiential'

Augeo Releases Final Episodes of Experiential Video Series: 'Embracing the Evolution of Experiential'
Augeo's Vice President, Experiential Marketing Kevin Cobb
In the rapidly changing landscape of experiential engagement, ELX partner Augeo, a global leader in the field, has concluded its groundbreaking video series, "Embracing the Evolution of Experiential: Strategies & Technologies to Deliver Transformative Brand Experiences," with the release of its last two episodes for the ELX community.

 As an industry powerhouse, Augeo has consistently empowered top brands around the world to adapt to the ongoing transformation of the meetings and events industry, and the final episodes are no exception.

The video series, hosted by Augeo's President, Experience Joan Wells, and Vice President, Experiential Marketing Kevin Cobb, has become a valuable resource for ELX members seeking to stay at the forefront of experiential marketing. The series focuses on exploring innovative strategies and the latest technologies that enable brands to elevate their interactions with audiences.


 "The Critical Role of Event Technology & Data-Fueled Insights"

In this episode, the Augeo team delves into the undeniable power of data-driven experiences. The power of data-driven experiences is undeniable. Top organizations are leveraging data intelligence technologies to capture actionable insights that inform the personalization and optimization of every aspect of the attendee journey. Augeo's insights provide a comprehensive look at the technological advancements that are driving these impactful transformations.

"The Impact of AI in Revolutionizing Attendee Journeys"

Artificial intelligence has emerged as a catalyst for progress—reshaping industries to ignite a new era of unparalleled innovation and human potential characterized by boundless opportunity. Early adopters are enjoying a strategic advantage. In this episode, Augeo explores the profound experiential transformations driven by artificial intelligence, highlighting the tangible benefits that come with adopting AI-driven technologies in the world of events.

ELX Members can use the link here to enjoy the final episodes of this exclusive video series: (1) Community News | Event Leaders Exchange (


Augeo has consistently been at the forefront of innovation, and this video series underscores their commitment to keeping the industry updated with the latest trends and technologies in experiential marketing.


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