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21 Mar 2024

SongDivision to 'Tune In’ to ELX Forum: Frankfurt 2024 with Energizing Engagement Experience.

SongDivision to 'Tune In’ to ELX Forum: Frankfurt 2024 with Energizing Engagement Experience.

In a harmonious blend of science, art and corporate engagement, SongDivision is warmed up and ready to join ELX at the upcoming ELX Forum in Frankfurt this year. Renowned for their evidence-based programs and world-class musicianship, SongDivision brings a unique approach to team building and collaboration through the transformative power of music and have previously worked with the likes of Meeting Professionals International (MPI), BCD, CEO Summit and IMEX. 

ELX has strategically partnered with SongDivision to create an engaging and wonderful energizing experience at this year's event. The ELX Forum program aims to build robust bonds between attendees while fostering creativity and teamwork, and with SongDivision joining the agenda, they are bound to strike all the right chords! 

‘I honestly can’t wait to join ELX in Frankfurt' says Sam McNeill, General Manager for UK & Europe at SongDivision. 'Together, using SongDivision’s Globally Award Winning Experiences, we will explore and celebrate the power that music has to bond, unite and motivate teams, while reinforcing key event and organisational take-ways, and promoting well-being in the work place!’ 

SongDivision's commitment to using music as a unifying force aligns seamlessly with ELX's mission to create environments that facilitate meaningful connections among industry professionals. ELX's expertise, alongside SongDivision's innovative approach, will help to orchestrate an event where participants not only exchange ideas, but also create lasting connections through the shared language of music. 

Members of the ELX community will not want to miss this experience, as we elevate professional engagement to a whole new octave! 

How to register: 

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