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25 May 2023

Event Leaders Exchange (ELX) and RAI Amsterdam announce New Partnership at IMEX 2023

Event Leaders Exchange (ELX) and RAI Amsterdam announce New Partnership at IMEX 2023
Rai's Denise van den Outenaar with ELX Managing Director Chloe Richardson at IMEX Frankfurt
Event Leaders Exchange (ELX), the valued peer-to-peer network of senior event professionals and RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre, have announced their partnership during the ELX Forum at IMEX 2023.

ELX strives to evolve and drive positive change within the industry. Our team and steering committee work hard to make sure the ELX members have the opportunity to collaborate, get candid insights, ideas and support from other leaders navigating major meeting and event portfolios. To do this we rely on the generosity of our partners to support our community. 

“We really look forward to driving global changes as a united front with like-minded Global Event Leaders; according to Diddy Durant, Manager Business Development Management at RAI Amsterdam. “We’re very pleased to be part of this community of global event leaders. ELX is composed of like-minded professionals who will tackle topics that matter most, through collective intelligence”.

Aurore Braconnier, General Manager of ELX, adds, “When we launched ELX, it was the dream of the steering committee to partner with industry leaders. We’re thrilled to join forces with RAI Amsterdam, which welcome an average of 1.5 million visitors at approximately 500 events per year.

“We are excited to get exclusive knowledge and insight on what is one of Europe's busiest exhibition and conference centres, occupying a leading position as the international exhibition and conference organisation in the Netherlands. The team brings a wealth of experience and a positive reputation and by having leading partners on board, such as RAI Amsterdam, we pride ourselves on facilitating quality conversations and ensuring the leaders of corporate programs can get candid insights, ideas and support from our partners when it comes to events on such a large scale especially with a focus on sustainable development, with a healthy balance between social, ecological and economic value creation.”


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