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17 Aug 2023

ELX Confirms First Content Session for ELX Forum, Las Vegas 2023

ELX Confirms First Content Session for ELX Forum, Las Vegas 2023
To create an event that resonates profoundly with attendees from across your organization, you need to understand your people, and what makes them tick.

People are all about their values. Understand values and you understand how to create memorable and motivating events.

David Allison has harnessed the power of understanding people at their core – their values. With an unparalleled database compiled from over 750,000 surveys in 152 languages, Allison zeroes in on shared human values or "valuegraphics," serving as a more insightful alternative to demographics. Recognizing that these values underpin every decision, behavior, and emotion, the Valuegraphics approach helps construct events that deeply engage and influence outcomes, making your events a meaningful experience for attendees.



This session will begin with a quick overview of the values of ELX member organizations, culled from a custom research study. Together with your peers you will workshop and discuss how to use the identified values in practical and tactical ways to boost engagement and influence the outcomes you want to see. 


Takeaways include:

1. A deep understanding of how valuegraphics can create powerful engagement at any event. 

2. The specific shared values that will work for your event attendees.

3. Co-created ideas for implementing this data across your event schedule


As part of the partnership, IMEX will be providing hosted buyer registration codes for members of ELX attending the event. These codes can be accessed through the community platform or by contacting for any inquiries. 

Click here to register through IMEX Events