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About David Kliman


David Kliman

President - The Kliman Group 

Co-Founder - Event Leaders Exchange


David is President of The Kliman Group specializing in Customer Advisory Board facilitation and consulting services for hospitality and travel industry organizations. 


David is also Co-Founder of ELX - Event Leaders Exchange a private professional community for senior corporate event leaders to share ideas, industry insights, brainstorm issues and engage in actionable conversations.


David has served as International Chairman of MPI (Meeting Professionals International) and on the White House Board of Travel and Tourism and on the executive committee of the MPI Foundation Board of Trustees. He’s also Co-Founder of the EIC APEX COVID Recovery Task Force.  He was named by MPI in April 2022 as one of the 50 most influential members in the event industry. David was also named Paul Flackett IMEX Academy Award Winner in May 2023.


David is fluent in German and English. His opinions and perspectives are widely sought after by hospitality and travel industry organizations seeking a strategic understanding of market trends and meeting customers’ needs. He is a frequent and highly rated speaker at meeting industry forums such as Simpleview SummitDestinations International, IMEXMPI and PCMA.


Further information regarding David Kliman, Event Leader Exchange and The Kliman Group can be found on and


If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be at an event and why?

Ability to fly unaided so I could be in many places quickly with no delay.

What's something you 'must' bring to every event?

Postcards with iconic local images and stamps.

If you could collaborate with any person, living or historical figure, to organize an event, who would it be and what type of event would you create together?

US President John F Kennedy (JFK) and create an event to bring the brightest, powerful, most open AND closed minds together for the greater good.

The ELX Team: