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ELX Forum: think.ahead



Values-Driven & Data-Informed Events

22 May 2023
Moss Room at Scandic Hafenpark

Using the New Science of Human Values to Create Inspiring Events

For event industry leaders at large corporations, these are increasingly complex times. Pressure on budgets and to create engagement is increasing right alongside attendee expectations, making resource allocation more crucial than ever before.

But now we have new insights into the battle for the hearts and minds of event participants: human values. Core human values drive every decision that people make, and are at the root of every emotional response. But values have not been a difficult metric to measure, until now. In this transformational working group session, David Allison will explain how to use new Valuegraphic data to change how you consider attendees and the content of events themselves.

Based on in-depth custom research specifically prepared for ELX using 750,000+ surveys in the Valuegraphics database, he will pinpoint how to connect with your attendees deep inside their hearts, like a trusted friend. Then, you’ll work together to use this new knowledge in a practical tactical way within the workshop.