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DEIB Supplier Framework


ELX brings together the most senior corporate event leaders of large global organizations not only to meet online and in person to share ideas and receive industry insights, but also to solve problems and engage in powerful, actionable conversations.

Our community wants to move the dial within the events industry to help our own event programs and for the betterment of events and meetings across the globe.

Diversity, Equality, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) in Events

Our ongoing mission is to use the power of the ELX community to bring DEIB to life and create positive action - in months rather than years.

To do this, the ELX community are in the process of creating a framework for the events industry to set a new industry standard for DEIB.

The framework will highlight those businesses who already have extraordinary initiatives within this area and bring together organizations for whom DEIB is a priority business value.

ELX DEIB Framework