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Hot Wings, Hot Takes

11 Jul 2024
Inspiration Arena

Ready to witness a fiery battle of wits – and wings? Join us for this electrifying session where four brave participants face a double dose of heat: progressively hotter wings and provocative industry questions! 

Here's the recipe for this sizzling showdown:

Winging It: As the heat rises, so will the questions! Participants will grapple with thought-provoking industry topics, like:

  • Sustainability Smackdown: Grade your organization on sustainability efforts – and be prepared to back up your answer!
  • Insourcing Inferno: To outsource or insource registration – that is the question! Face the flames while defending your position.
  • Incentive Investment: Are incentive trips worth the sizzle? Burn or bon appétit? You decide!
  • Budget Bonfire: If you need to cut 15% from your budget, where do the cuts begin? Survive the heat while revealing your strategy.
  • Travel Trivia: Pick your favorite airlines and hotels – and be prepared to defend your choices under pressure!
  • Virtual vs. IRL: Should we still be holding virtual events? Prepare for a fiery debate!

Progressive Pepper Punishment: With each question, participants will be served a hotter wing sauce – turning up the heat with each answer!



Chloe Richardson, Community Engagement Director - ELX
Koleen Roach, Director, Meetings & Conference Management - Securian Financial
Dean Armintrout, Sr. Director, Global Event Marketing - TransUnion
Keegan Hooks, Head of Global Events - Informatica